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    Available on 5/6/14 Quickie from us: "So for those who don't know Guy Sebastian is a pretty big name in Australia...
    Available on 5/6/14 Quickie from us: "So for those who don't know Guy Sebastian is a pretty big name in Australia and soon will be in States. He won Australian idol and was a judge on the Aussie X-Factor. That beats the hell out of our Bio, dudes who made a song about #selfies and have 20 #1 Hypemachine songs, and can drink a bottle of Patron in less than an hour. Anyway, when Guy's ppl reached out to us about this song we were happy to lend a hand at a remix. We thought it was a nice departure from our usual stuff and would be fun to do something a little more pop based. The missions was clear, make a radio friendly remix that lent itself to the song and its vocals but keep it simple...' Quickie from us about Australia... "We are coming to the AU for our FIRST time EVER in June!" SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST: @OfficialGuySebastian Twitter @GuySebastian http://www.guysebastian.com/us/ FUN FACTS: 1) There is a show on TLC about arm wrestling and you know what, it isnt that bad 2) The urban legend that girls of Jewish decent give better BJ's isn't necessarily true 3) Drew gets car sick really easily 4) Alex can't not pee on a seat when he pees MANAGEMENT: ADAM@4AM.TV THECHAINSMOKERSOFFICIAL@GMAIL.COM BOOKING: BOOKINGS@THECHAINSMOKERS.COM INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/THECHAINSMOKERS FOLLOW US AT: www.twitter.com/thechainsmokers Go LIKE our page: www.facebook.com/thechainsmokers
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